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Indiana Debt Collections Attorney Advocates for Creditors' Rights

Fort Wayne lawyer has more than ten years of experience handling collection cases

Bradford Law Office is trusted by clients across Indiana to help them recover the money they are owed for their goods and services. Attorney Steven J. Bradford has more than ten years of experience providing clients with legal advice and litigation services at every level of state and federal courts. We have successfully helped a wide variety of clients — including banks, businesses, corporations, attorneys, accountants, landlords, contractors, consulting firms and financing companies — collect the debts owed to them.

Fort Wayne attorney committed to providing results

Bradford Law Office can assist you if you need help collecting money from debtors on:

  • Unpaid loans
  • Guaranties and promissory notes
  • Letters of credit and other extensions of credit
  • Fees owed for professional services
  • Debts for goods sold or delivered 
  • Liens of all kinds, including mechanic’s liens
  • Unpaid rent and charges for apartments, condominiums and co-ops
  • Unjust enrichment claims
  • Replevin actions subject to creditors’ liens
  • Breach of contract actions

We are dedicated to delivering an exceptional client experience. In addition to providing litigation services, we also review our clients’ current contracts to eliminate potential issues that may arise in the future. By fighting for you today and protecting you for the future, Bradford Law Office makes sure that you get the results you deserve.

An overview of the collections process 

  • Receipt and review of your files
  • Demand letter — Bradford Law Office sends a letter to your debtor demanding payment. If the debtor responds to the letter, we work with you to see if you want to discount the debt and to set up a payment schedule.
  • Lawsuit — If the debtor does not respond, we seek your permission to file a lawsuit. Once the suit is filed, we move quickly to obtain a judgment in your favor before trial. Although rare, if trial becomes necessary, we vigorously defend your right to collect payment.
  • Judgment — A judgment gives us the opportunity to get the debtor’s attention. We attach liens on the debtor’s real estate and move to file wage garnishments to secure payment of the debt. These garnishments take money from the debtor’s bank account, paychecks and other sources of income. If we cannot locate a debtor’s place of employment, we can force the debtor to appear in court for a post-judgment deposition and testify about the debtor’s income and assets.

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